Repairing a Lomo camera

I found this little beauty in the op shop. I’m amazed how something this cool can be made so cheap. But, made of plastic as it is, there were some problems. The most serious: the shutter would not release.

The tiny circular lenses are on the left. The camera takes four shots in quick succession on the same frame of film. The shutter mechanism is on the right. A very simple design with a spring driven vane, held back by an escapement similar to a clock. On one full rotation of the vane, all four lenses make an exposure, one after another.

Top view shows the shutter release, winder and rewinder and fold-out viewfinder. It’s a bit of a trick to operate the camera without film – the film itself is the drive mechanism that connects the winder to the shutter sprockets and the shots-used indicator.

Bottom view shows the shots-used indicator and the end-of-roll release. The main problem was a small plastic pin that had broken off the film winder axle. Luckily the pin was still in the case and I was able to fix it back on. Also many of the parts needed a little oil and slight loosening or tightening to make them run smoothly.

The shots look like this.

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