Acceptance Tests for Life


GIVEN that I have chosen this path through life
THEN I should be satisfied with the consequences
AND nothing can change the decisions of the past
SO some kind of just reward has been served
WHEN experience teaches us to trust our instincts
AND we are challanged to stand for what we believe in
THEN the test is passed or failed

GIVEN that it’s presumed we give a fuck
THEN a set of expectations are present
AND some kind of measure of success is attached to them
SO we decide to what extent they will govern our lives
WHEN the passing of years gives us cause for reflection
AND consciousness is clouded by the processes of our own cognition
AND concience is clouded by the pretexts of our own condition
AND confidence is shrouded by the pretense of our own competition
THEN something must be done about all of this

GIVEN these tests are necessarily introspective
AND the act of self examination is a given
THEN the textual output forms a personal koan
WHEN the words are played back into themselves
AND the lines build into a structure
THEN no one is any wiser

GIVEN we sleep with the dreams of babes
THEN the peace is all-encompasing
AND we manage to shake of the urge to compulsively check facebook
AND I’m concious of how many cups of coffee I drank today
WHEN the pressure is on
AND the tide is high
THEN i see the ruby sunset under the Harbour Bridge
AND I click ‘Order it!’